A Homeschool Mom’s School Bus Envy


A Homeschool Mom's School Bus Envy

Everyday from August to June, I see it drive by. Envy stirs within me and the longing for peace and quiet hit. Dreams of what life would be like if my kids weren’t with me all day long pass through my mind. I picture a clean house, shopping whenever I wish, and the ability to take a nap. So many days I wish I could send them on that bus.

Homeschooling is a commitment. It takes work. Many days I feel like a broken record – “Lets just get your chores done so we can play”, “Work!”, or to my husband, “I need help!” There are days I give up and start again the next day, only to face the same battles.

But it is worth it!

My envy fades when I focus on the good moments. The day where my comprehension challenged son, Xander, came to me beaming, telling me he remembered what he read for the day. Or when my 3 year old, Kylie, sat on my lap and asked me to read “letter sounds” (what she calls words) with her. When we read “Little House in the Big Woods” and were able to go make maple syrup with their uncle. My favorite memory is when we went on a family vacation and took a tour of a museum. My kids were asking the tour guide so many questions that it was embarrassing. I look back at all the learning that we were blessed to do and don’t regret a thing!

So this year when that school bus drives by I will be ready for it! I will stop and realize that homeschool is not what I need to do, it is what I get to do. I feel blessed to have so many memories that I would have missed had I sent them on that bus. What are your best memories of homeschooling that you can refer to when challenges come?

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Jennifer is the co-owner of Green Bay Area Mom. She is a mother of 4 children ages 11 and under, residing in Suamico with her husband Brett of 14 years. She achieved her Bachelors of Science degree at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, majoring in Psychology and Human Development. Jennifer invests the hours of her day into homeschooling her children, reading books, having coffee with friends, and teaching others about finances and personal development. She serves people through LIFE Leadership, passionate about helping friends improve their lives by learning different information. Jennifer loves the people in GB and the fun things to do here.


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