If You Give a Mom a Coffee


“If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” has always been my favorite children’s book. Inspired by that book, here is my mom version that pretty much sums up my daily life. I hope you enjoy it.

If You Give a Mom a Coffee

If you give a mom a coffee, she will drink it.

When she is finished drinking it, she will place the mug by the sink.

As she places the mug by the sink, she will notice the dishes need to be cleaned.

When she starts the dishwater to clean it, she will notice she needs more dish soap.

She will add it to the grocery list.

When she is done adding the soap to the grocery list, she will go back to find the dishwater overflowing.

She will look for a towel to clean it up.

When she looks for a towel, she won’t find any. This will remind her that she needs to do laundry.

While she is putting a load of laundry in, she will notice that the clothes in the dryer need to be folded.

When she takes the laundry basket into the living room to fold, she will notice that the living room is full of toys.

She will need to pick up the toys. As she is picking up the toys, she will notice that the kids bedrooms are messy.

When she starts picking up the bedrooms, she notices that the floors need to be vacuumed.

As she gets the vacuum cleaner out, she spots the bag is full and needs to be changed.

When she changes the bag, she will notice that the garbage is overflowing.

She will try to shove the bag in, which will cause an avalanche of trash on the kitchen floor.

She will need to sweep it up.

When she goes to get the broom, she will notice that the floors are dirty and will need to mop.

So she will go to the sink to fill a bucket and see the sink filled with dish water.

Seeing the sink filled with dish water will remind her that she didn’t wash her coffee mug.

And if you remind a mom about her coffee mug, she will want it filled with coffee.

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