In-Law Jackpot: Following the Rainbow to get the Pot of Gold



Do you have a good relationship with your in-laws, any relationship? There are many reasons why pursing a positive relationship with your in-laws is a good thing, especially if you have children. It seems as though I hear a lot of people talking about horrible in-law experiences. Any good relationship takes work, patience and the willingness to see things (issues) through another person’s eyes.

My relationship with my in-laws has been and continues to be a positive experience. They are my second set of parents that I never expected. I call them Mom & Dad. Like many relationships, we don’t agree on everything and that’s ok. I respect that they may have different ideas or opinions on things than I do. Life would be boring if we all thought and acted alike.

Your in-laws can be a great resource to you in many ways. I value their input and will go to them for advice and guidance on life issues. Sometimes it’s nice to get another opinion from someone who cares about you and your family. Getting advice from a person who has been there, done that in life can be helpful. Just remember that they raised your spouse and must have done something right for you to fall in love with their child. Your spouse and in-laws probably have a lot of the same core values.

Having a good relationship with your child’s entire set of grandparents can and will have a positive impact on your child. Have you ever heard “It Takes a Village to raise a child”? Guess what, it does! The choice of who makes up that village is yours. Just remember if you choose not to include your spouse’s parents, what impact that will have on your children and your spouse. Never pick a favorite set of grandparents; children pick up on these things. I always say if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If you have differences, embrace them and be the bigger person. Set a good example for your kids.

Grandparents have so much to offer to their grandkids. My son loves to play, color, read and learn from Papa & Granny B. Liam is also learning good manners, morals and what respect looks like from his grandparents. Liam loves to dance and sing and his grandparents often join in. I love to see how Liam interacts with them. Children can and do learn from the older generations.

If there comes a time when you do not agree with something that is said or done by the grandparents, you need to speak out and let them know. Often sitting and stewing on something doesn’t help anyone or prevent it from happening again. Don’t sweat the small stuff. You can’t and shouldn’t be so rigid on all of a child’s life experiences. Life doesn’t follow a straight line and the sooner your child learns that the better.

I know that I have hit the jackpot as far as in-laws go. For me the end result of having a good relationship with them is what my son, husband and I gain. The pot of gold for me is the relationship itself. I am blessed that my son has gotten to know his grandparents. He has a better understanding of where his father came from and in turn where he comes from.

Thank you Mom and Dad Brassil and God Bless!

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Kristine lives in Ledgeview with her husband, Kevin, son, Liam, and golden retriever, Sam. She is originally from Saginaw, Michigan and is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising. After spending 13 years in the Dallas, TX area, it was time to come home to the Midwest. She currently works part-time as a Bus Aide for Syble Hopp School where her son is a student. Kris volunteers through her son's school as the PO Secretary and Book Fair Chair. Her passions and interests are for children and adults with special needs, animals, cooking and family.


  1. Thank you Kristine! We are so grateful our son married you! We love you and your family! We have often told you Liam is our blessing from heaven, and you and Kevin are great parents!
    Love you all and God’s blessings!

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