My Busy Badge. The real reason I do not feel like I am doing enough.


Currently, I am working twoish jobs, sometimes three, going to school for my Bachelor’s in Nursing, and most importantly I am a wife and mother. Am I doing enough? Whenever I meet people and backgrounds are discussed I am often met with a “Wow!! You have a full plate.” or “You are one busy lady!”

My insides are often screaming with the need to slow down and breathe, but my mind still says, is it enough? How do you “earn your keep as a woman, mother, wife, professional?” I know I am not the only one out here that lives this way.

I use the term “earn your keep” obviously as an expectation I place on myself. At no point in time has anyone in my life placed those expectations on me. I think that may be worse. When we set those expectations for ourselves it is often without a benchmark or goal to meet.

I find myself frustrated often with the amount of time I spend rushing from one thing to another or the lack of time I can spend on one experience. Instances are met superficially or without full attention.

I am lucky to have a supportive spouse or the amount of overbooking I do would not be possible. When I do set goals to meet in order to slow my pace they are often in the distant future, by the time I get there, I forget to slow down. This is okay, right? We live in a culture where being busy or doing enough is a badge of honor. Slowing down is tantamount to sloth.

Even though my family suffers and I suffer from my pace continues. Lately, usually around 3 am, I have pondered what it is about being busy that makes me more comfortable than having a moment of relief.

Then it struck me.

When I am not busy, I have to contemplate things at a deeper level, this is more frightening than running out of time. It is during these instances where I have time to reflect. Quietly, I acknowledge that doing enough is a limit I put on myself and not necessarily a standard that I must meet to earn the respect of my family and friends. To those who truly care, I am already enough. 

Busy mom? Feel like you are not doing enough? Here is a great article from Laura on how to shift your focus for mindful meditation

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Heather, a native Texan, currently lives in De Pere, WI. She is a wife and a mother of two little boys, three and five years old, they keep her busy and entertained. The Green Bay area is wonderful because it provides opportunities to spend time with friends and explore all facets of the outdoors. Heather is also a Veteran who has lived in multiple different countries and states, over a span of 14 years, while being an Investigator and Military Police Officer with the U.S. Army. She is currently a Nursing student at Bellin College. She runs her own business, About a Baby Doula, LLC, and is an Associated Doula with Green Bay Doulas. As a Doula she provides labor and postpartum support and she is certified through the American Red Cross to instruct and certify Adult and Infant CPR/First Aid/AED. Even with a busy schedule, she tries to spend as much quality time as possible with her family. She wants to instill in them a love of travel and everyday adventure. She believes there are few things more important than having a wandering spirit, a welcoming home, a listening ear, and coffee or wine to share with friends.