My Stay-At-Home Mom Commandments



It’s been six months since I worked outside the home.  In many ways it feels like just yesterday that I was pulling into work.  In other ways, it feels as though I haven’t worked for years.  I am, by-no-means, an expert at being a stay-at-home mom.  But, the following are some commandments that I am vowing to keep to make myself feel fulfilled and to make this the best experience for my girls.  

I will not let myself go

I can see how easy it would be to let myself go — and I don’t just mean physically.  I’ll admit it… there have been weeks where I have not plucked my eyebrows and have worn leggings every day.  But wow, does it feel good to straighten my hair, read a book, or get in a yoga session.  I will schedule in me-time so that I can continue to feel like a real person — physically, emotionally and socially. 

I will keep a schedule

It is important for my own sanity that I will keep a schedule.  My schedule is not perfectly laid out as it was when I worked.  But, I loosely have a daily plan of how the day will go.  Does it always go to schedule? Heck no.

I will let go of guilt 

When I first became a stay-at-home mom I had a lot of guilt.  The guilt that I abandoned my place of work, coworkers and patients.  The guilt that I have five years of college under my belt, a Master’s degree, and a certification that are no longer being used for their purpose.  And then there is the guilt that I have guilt — I am blessed to have this opportunity to spend time with my girls and I am moping over my former career!  So, what has helped me get over the guilt?  There is one resonating comment I get from other, more experienced moms and that is “You will not regret your decision to stay home.”  I know that I can always return to the working world — which brings me to the next commandment…

I will return to work 

I don’t know when and I don’t know how, but someday I anticipate that I will re-enter the working world.  I’m sure an opportunity will arise that will fit into my family life.  Until then, I will not force work.  After all, I only have 18 years before my little birds fly away.  I will, however, be ready to go back to work… I’ll keep my certification and keep up with the current news in my profession.  

I will proudly state that I am a stay-at-home mom.

I used to love telling people what I did for a living.  There was just something so impressive about saying, “I am a clinical exercise physiologist.”  I am still proud of what I do but I will occasionally find myself trying to spiff up the phrase “stay-at-home mom.”  WHY? There is nothing wrong with staying home with my kids.  After all, I am trying to shape little humans into kind, smart and giving people.  What’s more important than that?


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Nicki was born in Madison and raised just outside of the city on a dairy farm. She met her wonderful husband, Dan, while attending college at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. She obtained her Master's degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and worked for seven years in Cardiac Rehabilitation. Her claim to fame is that she could help heal hearts. Nicki and Dan became proud parents in September 2012 when their spunky daughter, Elsie, was born. Their sweet baby, Charlotte, was born in May 2016. Following Charlotte's arrival, Nicki and Dan moved to Green Bay so that Dan could take a job transfer and Nicki could become a full-time stay-at-home mom. In her free time, Nicki enjoys attempting pinterest projects (keyword: attempting), trying out new coffee shops, taking her labradoodle for walks, and exploring all Titletown has to offer.


  1. I’m a stay at home mom too that lives in de pere. I am trying to connect with other stay at home moms since all of my friends that have children work during the day. I also feel guilty for not using my degree. I have a degree in non profit management and am going back to school for teaching so that I can have a job that will work with my children’s schedule

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