Random Thoughts After Watching Tidying Up


Because of seeing all the memes coming up, jokes about it and the fact that Netflix kept putting it up when I signed in, I finally jumped on the bandwagon of watching Marie Kondo. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I like to organize but haven’t taken the time in awhile to at home so I thought I’d be inspired. I was, but first here are the random thoughts I had when I started watching the series (I’ll be honest that I haven’t finished the whole thing yet).

Random Thought #1

How can she keep such a straight face when she sees the people’s homes? I don’t think I’d have that good of a poker face. In fact, I know I wouldn’t. She is just so pleasant, positive and amazingly polite at whatever mess the people throw at her. I need to take some tips from her attitude for sure, even though I try not to judge others and their choices. It definitely adds to her charm.


Random Thought #2

I love that she is cleaning/organizing/teaching her kids this way of life. I believe in teaching kids a strong work ethic and it’s an area that I need to ramp up again. At home, when I’m tired, it’s usually just easier for me to do chores or tasks myself. But as my kids are getting older, I know I need to step back, teach them my expectations and good habits and then let them do it. I love that she does that and encourages it!

Random Thought #3

Folding! Oh, the folding! I’ll be honest that I haven’t tried it yet, but my daughter’s leggings drawer is calling my name. As she kept showing the folding to families it made me think of fitted sheets. I was actually going to get mad if she didn’t show how she folds them. But lo, and behold! A few episodes in and there it was! Not that it’ll really help me in real life, but that’s ok! I doubt I ever will.

Random Thought #4

Does it spark joy? I can tell you with 1000% certainty that I will not hold every item in every room in my home and see if it sparks joy. However, this mindset does make me rethink a lot of the items that we do have in our home. With all the cold and snow days we’ve had, I’ve started to get over 20 bins of things ready for our spring rummage sale. But more so than just getting items out of our house, it should help me when I shop. If it doesn’t spark joy, it’s not coming home. Unless it’s a necessity like toilet paper. That will never spark joy.


So what did you think? Have you watched it? Did it inspire anything for you? I’d love to know!

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