Un-perfect Mom but not unfit


Un-perfect Mom but not unfit… I have never been ordinary, regular, or the same as everyone else. And I was ALWAYS proud of that!! To me perfection is BORING! And that is most definitely not who or what I want to be.

This never became more apparent than when I became a mother. So, I pride myself on being an un-perfect mom. Yes, I said UN-PERFECT and not imperfect.

Being imperfect implies that there is a 1) possibility to be perfect and 2) desire to be perfect. And I possess neither of those, at all!!

My desire and/or role as a mother, in my opinion, is to give my children a home, food, clothes, and love. Basically, that is it! Whoa, whoa, whoa now I said basically!

I was raised by a single mother, my mom worked three jobs almost my entire childhood but she always made a home for us, gave us food and clothes, and when those needs were met my mom was able to fill every spare moment she had with love. If I could be half the woman and mother she is, she would still be twice as amazing as me.

Huge shout out to the moms who have time to do art projects, go on school field trips, buy presents more than a day before the party and wrap them, not just throw them in a gift bag.  The moms who do meal planning and can do school drop off and pick up; even those stay-at-home moms and homeschool moms.

You guys are amazing, but I know I am too. I embrace being an un-perfect mom.

un-perfect mom and her 3 sons

I will not be disappointed in myself for not doing those things, or not being able to do them. I am sick and tired of feeling like I have to try. I figure every day they have food, I’m not talking 3 square meals, I mean we eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Sometimes PB&Js. I forget something almost every day; I am the Queen of last minute. I yell out of frustration and I find some way to drop something or hurt myself daily (adding humor for my husband and children).

I would love to make a meal every night and sit at the table and eat as a family. But in my reality, my un- perfect reality…we eat on the run, miss deadlines, are late, wear dirty clothes, shower every third day, and my husband and I hardly see each other.

Only a mother understands how chaos can be beautiful.

My children are happy, we hug and kiss them at least 50 times a day, yes even the 16-year-old, and we tell them we love them at least 100 times. We also let them see us kiss, hug, hold hands, and tell each other “I love you.” 

We are their example.

They have a roof over their heads and clothes on their backs. And as long as I do that, I am doing what I am supposed to. I am not giving up, I am simply deciding that Un-Perfect suits me better.

So, can we please start celebrating our mistakes, differences, shortfalls, and downfalls?  I don’t want to compete with other moms, and I don’t want my children to compete with yours.

There is no prize for #1 mom, I just want my boys to happy and kind. To know that their parents believe in them. And love them with every fiber, every ounce, and every breath. Do you want to be an un-perfect mom too? 

How about a Cool Mom?

All my love, Nichole

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Nichole is a thirty-something wife and mother currently living in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She was however, born and raised in Texas and lived there until her early 20s. Nichole was a Combat Medic in the US Army and met a boy in her Advanced Training. They were inseparable from the day they met and she moved to the Midwest for love. Their story is a crazy one but it’s theirs and simply because of that, it’s obvs her favorite! Nichole considers herself a Jack of Many Trades, yet Master of None. She works full time in corporate marketing and has a photography business. She loves to take pretty pictures (Squid Photography) and share love through a warm meal. Her schedule is always full and it makes her a little crazy sometimes but she covets all the relationships that have arisen from the chaos. Nichole’s biggest and greatest accomplishment was receiving the title of “Mother”. She and her husband, Jeremy, were triply blessed with handsome boys! Peyton John Michael, their oldest is 14, a high school freshman, and probably smarter than her! Middle son, Piercen Rush is 10, in 4th grade and has the kindest heart! Their youngest Sir Pennington Matthews is 8 going on 18, he is loud and crazy! She claims her house is always a mess, they are always coming or going and she and her husband barely talk about anything in the “Adult” category but she absolutely LOVES her life! And can’t wait to share it with you!