You Know You Are A Twin Mom If…


You Know You Are A Twin Mom If…I think all parents of multiples can still remember the moment they found out they were having more than one baby. It is a moment that is hard to forget because it changes your life forever (just as one baby does but probably with a few added emotions). I will admit, the moment my husband and I saw not just one, but TWO babies on our first ultrasound, we were both SHOCKED. It took a long time for the reality to sink in that two babies would be joining our family at once. I don’t think I fully understood it until I held them both in my arms. Now, looking back, I can’t imagine our life any other way. As crazy as it can be at times, I love being a twin mom!

You know you are a twin mom if…

You see double everywhere you look – babies, clothes, toys, high chairs, cribs, potty seats, etc.

It actually seems odd to see only one crib in someone else’s nursery.

While you have two diapers to change and two mouths to feed, you also see two smiles and have extra snuggles.

You are always outnumbered.

You know all about routine. Sleep, diaper, feed, play, sleep, diaper, feed, play, … And you don’t have much free time during said routine, as you have to do everything twice.

There are two camps – MUST dress the kids the same, OR I will NEVER dress them alike!

Your arms are always full, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. We all know the saying – If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart!

Your attention is always divided.

Sometimes you let your mind wander to what it would be like to just have one baby. Then you quickly realize you can’t even imagine that and are so glad to have two.

You are continually amazed watching the “twin bond” come to life.

You feel like Wonder Woman some days because you love doing what some people see as unfathomable.

On the days you aren’t feeling like Wonder Woman, especially in those early days, you probably put your laundry in the refrigerator or searched the whole house for your cell phone when you were in fact talking on it.

You know from experience that buying two of the exact same thing alleviates a lot of fights.

You hear the craziest comments and questions from complete strangers regarding very intimate details of your life.

Getting ready and getting in and out of the car actually takes longer than running your errand(s). Some days, staying home is just easier.

You have spent way too much time researching double strollers (or even larger).

You feel an instant connection with other twin moms simply because you know they get it.

You love your sweeties and couldn’t imagine life without twins!

You Know You Are A Twin Mom If…
Synchronized Yawning

Fellow twin moms – what else would you add??

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Anne is a native of De Pere and graduate of St. Norbert College. After having three kids in under two years, her and her husband decided it was time to be near family and moved their family back to this area. She is a former first grade teacher turned stay-at-home mom and spends her days with her twin daughters (born January 2014) and son (November 2015). When she gets a moment to herself, she enjoys reading (things other than children’s books), organizing anything and everything, sharing about toxin free wellness, being outdoors, and sorting through all the photos she takes of her family.