Reasons Dads Hire a Doula

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reasons dads hire a doula

Reasons Dads Hire a Doula

Most people who have not attended a birth only have the reference of what they have seen on TV or have heard from friends. Pan out to the scene and there is a clueless dad, a stressed and screaming mother, and people in the room yelling push.

Now… fade to real life. What if we were to tell you that Dad can be a calming factor in the room, an instrument of security, their partner’s rock?  Doulas can help Dads through all stages of pregnancy and after baby! We can help Dad navigate the new ins and outs.  Here are 25 reasons that Dads hire Doulas!

dad with children
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Baby and Dad
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Top 25 Reasons Dads Hire a Doula

  1. They want to help, but they just don’t know how to.
  2. They want someone who is an expert in childbirth to let them know when it’s actually time to go to the hospital and that their partner is actually in labor.
  3. They are emotionally invested in their partner and sometimes that can cloud their judgement on how to respond and support their partner.
  4. They travel for work and don’t know if they would actually make it to the birth. (Peace of mind to know that while they are away their Doula has the family taken care of.)
  5. Maybe they just need someone who can help them get sleep or allow them time to eat when they need it.
  6. They want someone who can help them navigate through their partner’s pregnancy with any questions or concerns.
  7. Doulas come equipped with knowledge of hospital procedures to help make the labor and delivery run smoothly.
  8. They want someone who helps the Dad understand how to react and support their partner in real time. (AKA a wingman)
  9. They are looking for someone who remembers everything about childbirth and helps them navigate their birth in real time.
  10. Maybe fluids and needles just aren’t their thing.
  11. They had a traumatic experience with the birth of a previous child.
  12. Doulas can remind them of comfort techniques without completely taking over, allowing them to feel part of the process.
  13. They are looking for emotional support for their partner and also someone who can share physical support. (Because let’s be honest-five hours of hip squeezes can really take a toll on a person’s arms!)
  14. Someone who can give them the language to have a constructive conversation with medical providers and nursing staff.
  15. Participate in the birth of their child at a level they are comfortable with, instead of the normal pressure of having to be strong for both themselves and their partner.
  16. Having a Doula would allow the Dad to focus on their partner versus having to fetch things.
  17. Doulas can help interpret nurse/provider language to allow them to navigate decisions that best suit their beliefs.
  18. The unexpected can happen and their Doula would be right there at their fingertips to provide a variety of options or paths to take next.
  19.  Doulas can help navigate all the baby stuff; whether it is trying to figure out the difference between bottles or understanding crib mattresses.
  20.  They need help understanding what their partner is going through after birth.  Doulas can explain the mental, emotional, and physical state of their partner.
  21.  Doulas can help the family settle in at home, they can lend a hand, ensuring that Dad has time to appreciate the new baby versus being the extra hands.
  22. They need sleep too. Both Dad and their partner can get some much-needed rest while the Doula takes care of the baby and the nighttime responsibilities.
  23. Doulas help with installing the car seats correctly, understanding why safe sleep is important, or helping to asses sleeping arrangements. Dad can feel comfortable knowing they are doing what they can to ensure their family is safe.
  24.  They need time with their partner; having their Doula scheduled for a postpartum shift can allow them to maintain their relationship.
  25. They can do what they need to after work while the Doula helps with baby. Home tasks and personal task do not need to fall to the wayside.
Dad with Baby
Photo Credit: Mary Breuer Photos
Dad with Son
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Thank you for taking a minute to read through the Top 25 Reasons Dads Hire a Doula and be sure to share with us below if any of these reasons resonated with you!

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