Sending Your Baby Off To School


Sending Your Baby Off To School

I can only begin to imagine how I’ll feel when my girls are old enough to start school. For now, I am flooded with the thoughts of parents around me. After pouring so much of yourself into your child the past four or five years, it is such a transition to think about sending them off for the day. And every day. All of this can bring tears to a mother’s eyes. Your baby is growing up and you hope you have prepared them well for what lies ahead. Not to mention you hope you have prepared yourself enough for whats to come. Yes, it’s okay to cry, smile, and feel all the feels.

As a former kindergarten and first grade teacher prior to having kids, I am used to the teacher perspective instead. No, I didn’t get a chance to see all of my students grow from birth to five or six, but I did begin to carve a place in my heart for each of them the moment they appeared on my class list. Teachers really do care and want the best for their students. I remember so many open houses and first days of school when there were tears and fears of separation, but those days fade quickly. Those days are usually harder on the parents than the students. Once the kids get into their classroom with their teacher and peers, the fun begins, and things generally turn around and go smoothly (if they haven’t already from the start). One parent called me about thirty minutes into the morning to see if her child was okay and had stopped crying yet. I told her he was fine and felt comfortable moments after she had gone. Those are tough words for a mama to hear, yet it also means you have done your job well! Your child is ready to face the world, or at least their classroom.

Sending Your Baby Off To SchoolI am confident that as your children begin this coming school year, they will each be greeted with lots of smiles and enthusiasm for the year ahead. Not only do teachers love their students, they are also entrusted with helping each one learn and grow. That is a big responsibility, and it is not taken lightly. I always remembered each student was someone else’s whole world, and they needed to be treated as such. So, be prepared with kleenex in the coming weeks but know that while it’s hard to stomach that your “little” one is growing up, big things are ahead for them (and you)!

Note: I know that I cannot speak for EVERY teacher and only share my own personal experiences in the classroom.

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Anne is a native of De Pere and graduate of St. Norbert College. After having three kids in under two years, her and her husband decided it was time to be near family and moved their family back to this area. She is a former first grade teacher turned stay-at-home mom and spends her days with her twin daughters (born January 2014) and son (November 2015). When she gets a moment to herself, she enjoys reading (things other than children’s books), organizing anything and everything, sharing about toxin free wellness, being outdoors, and sorting through all the photos she takes of her family.