What Did You Learn At School Today?


Parent – “How was your school day?”

Child – “Good.”

Parent – “What did you learn today?”

Child – “Nothing.”

Does this sound familiar? It is something I know happens in many households! After a full day at school, kids are tired and don’t share too much about their day. As their parent, you care and wish you knew more about what happened in all the hours that they were away from you!   Well, as a teacher, I can tell you that they definitely learned something in their day!

We’ve been trying to combat this already with our first grader. It’s his first year of full day schools and his favorite parts he reports are lunch and recess (typical answers! LOL!) But we know he likes school and know he is learning so we’ve tried to find ways to make sharing about his day more fun.

One thing we use are these question strips I found. We printed them from the site, How Does She, cut them out and put them in a jar. Every night at dinner, my son and daughter each have to pick one and they both have to answer. They are really nice questions and have quite a variety of things for the kids to talk about on them! after school questions jar

Another thing we’ve tried is High/Low.  They need to share one high part (good) of their day and one low.  We use this sometimes at the dinner table and sometimes when we are tucking the kids into bed.

The final thing that we’ve tried that has worked well is devotional books. Many times these books teach a lesson of some sort and we can direct questions to fit what might be happening in their school day to learn more. Any book with great themes/lessons will work for this, it doesn’t have to be religious like we use. 

I would love to hear any other tools or tips you might have that have worked in your house!

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