Have a Ball at the Packers Experience This Weekend!


I sort of knew training camp had started. I mean, you live in Green Bay long enough and when late July hits, you know it’s going on.  And I got a glimpse that they were doing something special for the 100th anniversary but I didn’t really pay attention. I don’t turn the news on often because my kids are getting older and hear too much sometimes. And even though I check social media, I didn’t take the time to read much on it there either.  So today we were pleasantly surprised when my husband had a day off and wanted to go to Packer practice to watch (his only opportunity) and we stumbled upon the gem the Packers set up!  

My kids were bored (they’re little) after watching the first five minutes of practice (get there EARLY if you want a bleacher seat, we weren’t early enough) so I suggested walking over to the parking lot.  It was packed but spread out so it wasn’t overwhelming.  Here’s some quick tips and thoughts about our experience. 

  1. You could spend a day there! We thought we’d buzz around for an hour and we barely skimmed the surface!  We did a few photo ops, watched the ESPN guys for a bit and tried out a few football activities they had set up. We didn’t even set foot in the atrium of the north end of the stadium where tons more was set up!  We easily could have spent five hours there. So pack some waters and some snacks and make an afternoon of it! 
  2. The volunteers were wonderful!  My kids were on the younger end (4 and 6) of being able to do some things but the volunteers were great in asking if they wanted hand-offs instead of the football machines and were so great with the kids. Nice work getting those people, Packers! 
  3. You need an app.  So because I did zero research before attending myself, I didn’t know you need the Packers app. You do, and you need to create an account for yourself and then can add 5 minors to it.  There is a QR code that they’ll scan as you do activities. There are also signs with QR codes scattered throughout so you can sign-in using the app to be entered to win prizes.  
  4. Fun for all ages. I thought of my students often because I felt like this was a nine-year-old’s (who plays football every day at recess) dream for a day!  But really it was neat for the whole family.  There were prizes, cut-outs for photos, uniform displays, a pretend locker room, and more.  And of course grown-ups like my husband want to still see if they’ve still got it. 
  5. The Packers just do things well.  As we were walking away I told my husband that the Packers remind me of Disney, they just know how to do things well. There was plenty of signage and staff, good flow for lines and tons of options for activities to spread people out. It definitely built the energy to get excited for the upcoming season!  
Even the grown-ups can have fun!
Tons of activities to choose from!
Photo opportunities galore!
This map was helpful to me – the one in the app didn’t work as well so I snapped this on my way in!
Fleet Farm has a cute giveaway – snagged this awesome orange shades to wear at school (colors are black/orange) as well as a football and a tape measure keychain!

So dig out the green and gold that might have been buried for the past few months, pack a bag with some food and water, and head out to see this neat event. It only runs Saturday and Sunday so you’ll want to hurry there! Go Pack Go! 

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