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Birthday Party Guide – Green Bay & Appleton Areas

Happy Birthday to your sweet baby!  It's time to celebrate!  Our guide is here to help you find the best place to have a...

Green Bay Area Moms Blog Turns 3!! Happy Birthday!

Wow!  Green Bay Area Moms Blog turns 3 today!  Happy Birthday to us!  The most exciting thing about birthdays is reflection.  There was a...

GBAMB Birthday Party Guide

It's that time of year when our kids spend their bus rides brainstorming the ultimate birthday party with their friends.  As parents, the idea of planning the perfect birthday party can be mind-boggling.  There are so many options for birthday parties in Northeast Wisconsin we so often wonder, "Where do I start?".  So, Green Bay Area Moms Blog wants to take some of the stress away and provide you with some great options for birthday parties. A huge THANK YOU to our featured sponsors for supporting Green Bay Area Moms blog and helping make this guide possible. Good luck and happy planning!

Green Bay Area Moms Blog is TWO!

Happy Birthday to us! I cannot believe Green Bay Area Moms Blog launched two years ago already. It's been one heck of a ride so far!  

No, Really. No Gifts Please: 10 Non-toy gift ideas

Well, I know that I hate showing up to a kids' birthday party empty handed. And what's more I know I'm not alone. In fact, recently, my son was invited to a birthday party that explicitly requested no gifts, and yep, you guessed it. We stopped at the store and picked up a ball.

37 Candles

I never wanted to be a woman who was bothered by aging, but I am. I have been wanting to write about my issues with aging even before that day in November. I didn't because I didn't have a moral of the story yet.

Happy Birthday! Green Bay Area Moms Blog Turns One!

It has been so rewarding to witness this community of parents come together to listen and support one another. And, every single day I am blown away by the fantastic group of contributors who take something none of us have enough of...time...to share their stories. Parenting can be overwhelming, but these voices let us know we are not alone. It's ok to struggle, cry, and to find humor in the imperfections of life. 

Encouraging Interests

But, there are times I feel it is important to encourage and develop other interests. As an example, when we head to the library, he always wants construction books. I can't help but feel I need to push him out of his comfort zone a little.

Happy Birthday My Love! Memories for My Children’s Future Birthdays

So, at my twins’ first birthday party, I asked the guests (mostly our family) to write them each a letter. Each piece of letter paper I gave out had a different birthday starting at age 5. Just about every birthday from age 5-30 was included, with mostly every other year of their twenties. The idea was that my daughters would read the letters on that particular birthday. So, on their 10th birthday, they would read the letter for that year (one letter from one person for each of my daughters per birthday).

Non-Toy Gift Ideas – Giving Practical Gifts and Experiences Instead

With three young children, it already feels like we have SO many things in our house for them to play with. Books, toys, stuffed animals, Legos, play kitchen, ride on toys, you name it. While I know play is so important, I get overwhelmed seeing the amount of toys we have. Especially since they are usually ALL over the living room (kitchen, bedrooms, etc.). I think my kids get overwhelmed with all the stuff some days too. While I do try to do a toy rotation at times, it never happens as often as I would like.