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If It Doesn’t Fit on My iPhone Calendar, It Doesn’t Fit...

When I was a working woman, I organized my life in a fancy Franklin Calendar System. One of those weighty, leather bound numbers. It...

15 Fox Valley Parks You Should Visit This Year!

Spring is here! Pending any awful pranks from Mother Nature, we will start being regulars at the park very soon. While haven't come close to

Wisconsin ‘stay-cation’ ideas

While others are packing their swimsuits and sunscreen, my family is loading up the minivan for a week at our favorite resort in the Wisconsin northwoods.

Surviving Spring Break Travel

SPRING BREAK. Such sweet words after a long Wisconsin winter. I have been spoiled to have the opportunity to go on many spring break trips in my lifetime. I have fond memories of the 20 hour car rides to Florida (seriously, I loved it!) Now, as a teacher, my own family will be going on many spring break trips as well. It's a wonderful week away from the grind to see each other, explore new places, and relax.

R.E.A.D. Create a love of reading before a child can read

Reading is one of the most important skills in life. Yet some children and adults will never know the joy reading can bring. So how do we instill in our children the love of reading? Here are some steps that we can take to start fueling the desire to read even before they can.

How to have EVEN MORE fun in 2017

In keeping with my resolution to have more fun in 2017 and in honor of February’s “National Library Lovers Month,” I recommend to you some other seriously silly books:

How to have more fun in 2017

I have just one goal for 2017 – have more FUN. With my husband, with my girlfriends and, especially, with my daughters. At 11 and 7, they are at the perfect ages to really get after it and start having some serious good times. Make amazing family memories. Take big bites out of life.

Guilty…on Grandparents’ Day

It’s Grandparents' Day, the time of year where we are thankful for the extra people in our life or our kids’ lives.   My parents...

Life of the Working Mom: Keeping “Too Busy” Out of your...

Let’s cut to the chase. Moms are BUSY. Just you reading this means your kiddos are sleeping, not with you at the moment, or...

The Final Ride: What I Will and Will Not Miss...

Our family became complete 6 weeks ago.  Baby #4 signifies the end of a chapter: I am done having kids.  It's bittersweet knowing I will never experience the...