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New mom. New adventures. Part 1: Caring for Baby

Becoming a mother is a wonderful, life-changing event. It’s exciting and it can be a lot of fun. But there are a lot of...

Tips for Setting Boundaries with Family with A New Baby

When a new baby joins the family, it’s all rainbows and sunshine, the grandparents are supportive and tell the new parents that they’re the...

The Truth About Having A Second Baby

When my oldest child was a baby, I ached for another child. Given my husband and I’s complications with conceiving our first, I knew...

What is the Fourth Trimester?

We all know about the three “Trimesters” of pregnancy. But have you heard of the “fourth trimester?” It is a term coined by Dr....

Breastfeeding During the Holidays: Tips & Tricks

Family, friends, food, parties, traveling….all of these things we look forward to around this time of year...’tis the season! However, having a newborn baby...

Reasons Dads Hire a Doula

Reasons Dads Hire a Doula Most people who have not attended a birth only have the reference of what they have seen on TV or...

While Baby Was Feeding… Dad’s Important Role in Breastfeeding

    The list of positive outcomes associated with breastfeeding grow every day. For the child, a few advantages are that it reduces the rate...

“Sleep When the Baby Sleeps” And Other Ridiculous Things We Say...

I have four children, or maybe five, I don’t know - I lost count. Whether you have two or seven, anything more than one...

Breastfeeding: Thriving Not Just Surviving

Breastfeeding. Just the word can stir up strong emotions. Fear, joy, sadness, the list goes on... The actual task can be even more daunting but it doesn't have to be.

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Having Twins

Where are my fellow twin moms?? I know you can relate to most of these. What else did you learn about motherhood after your twins arrived that you wished you had known earlier? Life with twins is extra busy, but it’s also incredible too! Enjoy the ride.