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Should schools ‘break’ from the weeklong spring break vacation?

But as I look to my calendar and see that my girls will be in class through the second week of June, I sigh and wonder … what is the ideal calendar for the school year anyway?

Have kids, will travel. Five air travel tips to get your...

I am a wanderer. One of my goals when I had children was to pass the love of travel and exploration to them. Little...

Have a fun family road trip. I’m serious.

The iconic family road trip. The video store shelves are flooded with comedies written about these all-important rites of summertime passage. Why? Because nine times out of 10, they quickly devolve into unmitigated catastrophes.

Have more fun by adventuring in 2017

For several months, I’ve been updating you awesome readers on my resolution to have more FUN this year. So far, we’ve read silly books, laughed out loud, embraced odd-ball holidays and checked out Wisconsin’s outrageous food celebrations. What’s next? Time for you moms to go out on a limb and try something new.

Wisconsin ‘stay-cation’ ideas

While others are packing their swimsuits and sunscreen, my family is loading up the minivan for a week at our favorite resort in the Wisconsin northwoods.

Surviving Spring Break Travel

SPRING BREAK. Such sweet words after a long Wisconsin winter. I have been spoiled to have the opportunity to go on many spring break trips in my lifetime. I have fond memories of the 20 hour car rides to Florida (seriously, I loved it!) Now, as a teacher, my own family will be going on many spring break trips as well. It's a wonderful week away from the grind to see each other, explore new places, and relax.

My Family Vacation & What I Learned about my Son

For a long time now I have wanted to go on a nice family vacation, an actual destination. I have wanted to share with...