Kids Salt Art Craft Fun


Kids Salt ArtOne of our favorite activities, when the kids were younger, was to do salt art. Salt art is the process of outlining (or tracing) an image on paper with squeezable glue then adding salt and colored water to make a beautiful masterpiece. It’s easy and fun!

First, you’ll need an image. I searched for an image online and freehand drew it onto a piece of printing paper. You don’t have to freehand draw you can print an image too or let your child draw what they’d like to salt and color.

Once you’ve got your art on paper you’ll need squeezable glue. Any brand will work for this. Outline all the lines with your glue bottle. Be sure to not squeeze too much but remember it does NOT need to be perfect.

The kids poured salt into their hand and sprinkled the salt over all the glue. You do need quite a bit of salt to cover the glue, so just a fair warning. Be sure to get rid of all the excess salt before coloring.

Now comes the fun part.

You’ll want to mix colored water into cups. We used food coloring mixed in water. We had medicine droppers handy so we used those (you can use paintbrushes as well and brush it on). Place dropper just above salt/glue and gently squeeze and let the colored water drip onto the salt/glue mixture. 

Ta-Da! Your “saltwork” begins to come together with beautiful colors.

You’ll have to let them dry for a bit, but once they do they’re so cute. The possibilities are endless with salt art, and it’s a quick and cheap art project for any age.

This kids salt art project can be done within 30 minutes to an hour.

Materials needed:


Squeezable Glue

Medicine Dropper

Table Salt

Colored Water

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